Data Protection Policy

The European Union has introduced a new regulation to ensure privacy for every individual. This new regulation is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and comes into effect on the 25th May 2018.

Simply this means that all individuals will have a greater say over their personal data, how it is used, processed and disposed of. Every organisation that holds personal data has an obligation to protect it.

At AKAL we may hold personal information about you but only in order to provide our support services. We may hold name, contact information, some login account information and details of your IT equipment.

At AKAL we never pass on your information to other parties unless they are directly involved in our support of you. We may be obliged by law to pass on information to official organisations, for example the Police. We never pass information to any marketing companies.

Any information that we do hold about you is under the GDPR basis of ‘Legitimate Interests’ or ‘Consent’. If at any point you do not wish us to hold some of your information then please contact us and we will happily remove it.

We aim to keep certain information on file for 7 years after the last contact from a customer because we have found customers often request account login details years after we have dealt with them. However we will remove information at any time if you would like us not to keep a security copy on your behalf.

At AKAL we take data security very seriously. All of our computer systems, that hold your data, are encrypted, meaning that even if a computer was removed the data would be unreadable. Our internet connection has a business grade firewall and all e-mails are security scanned for malicious content. Our passwords are strong and changed on a regular basis. Our staff regularly review the information we are holding for you and how it is being stored.

At AKAL when we recycle old equipment we always securely erase all drives that contain personal information. If the drive turns out to be defective and can not be erased then we physically destroy it ensuring no data can be recovered.

If you have questions about our Data Protection Policy then please contact us by phone: 020 8765 1115 or e-mail: and we will be happy to help you.